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Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort or common wormwood) is one of several species in the genus Artemisia. This species is also occasionally known as Felon Herb, Chrysanthemum Weed, Wild Wormwood, Old uncle Henry, Sailor’s Tobacco, Naughty Man, Old Man or St. John’s Plant (not to be confused with St John’s wort).
It is native to temperate Europe, Asia, northern Africa and Alaska and is naturalized in North America, where some consider it an invasive weed. It is a very common plant growing on nitrogenous soils, like weedy and uncultivated areas, such as waste places and roadsides.

Stories about mugwort herb usage can be found in middle ages in Europe where mugwort was used for protection but also in witchcraft traditions. When we look at that from current perspective, it is clear that mugwort was used to induce lucid dreams and astral projections. It was also used in Asia, Korea and Japan, in rituals to ward off evil spirits and to induce divinatory states. Today it is mostly used as lucid dreaming supplement.


Reason to use: for inducing mild relaxation and dream intensity which results with highly improved dream recall, enhancing dreaming.

Time to use: Before going to sleep, an hour before night sleeps or just before taking a nap

How to use: mugwort is best to use smoking, 1-3 grams or it can be used to make a tea (3-5 grams).

Addiction possibility (0-10): 0

Hints: if you are not a regular smoker smoking mugwort can be hard for your throat, try to combine it with tobacco making mixed cigarettes.

After smoking mugwort, I have experienced nice and pleasant euphoria followed by relaxation and calmness. First two times I did not experienced lucid dreams, or better to say, I didn’t induce them but my dream recall was improved very much. I wasn’t prepared to fall asleep so deep so I failed to become lucid but those two times I remembered 4 dreams per night. Third time I had amazing lucid dream with extremely stable surroundings and it was different than other lucid dreams that are very often based on external dream world. This time I was more like introvert dreamer able to press pause button and to analyses my own thoughts and also to analyze and think other people thoughts. That was an extreme experience.

If you are an advanced lucid dreamer I recommend trying to consume a mugwort tea and then to smoke one or two mugwort cigarettes. This will produce very powerful effects and you will see result very quickly.
Important! The biggest amount of mugwort I have taken at once was 10 grams. I didn’t experience any negative effects, but since we are all individuals, at first try small dosages, 2-3 grams or so.

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