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lucid dreaming supplements Lucid Dreaming Supplements

Lucid dreaming is a mind technique which can be learned and practiced by everyone and pure human intention and strong motivation very often are just enough. But nature, incredible as it is and with its own reasons, provides us with plants that can help with lucid dreaming induction. I consider experimenting with supplements as an advanced lucid dreaming practice since mostly experienced dreamers decide to try and explore their minds even more. Lucid dreaming rookies at first rely just on their motivation in combination with one of lucid dreaming techniques, and that is the best approach, but what i’ve noticed in that population is the fear of taking some dreaming supplements as fear of taking drugs. So, i would like to make that clear in following post, make you familiar with dosages, effects and ways of usage. Finally, decision of taking them or not is just on you but I would like to be an example of harmless taking and extraordinary results with no chance of addiction or any bad side effect that comes along with well know bad and strong drugs.

Lucid dreaming market developed in last couple of years and as result of that supplements can be found on internet shops in form of pills or herbs. If you can find them offline, even better, but just be sure that you know what you are buying. I have tested all of the reviewed supplements and gained great experiences and benefits. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Besides that, it is important to say that every product can be ordered on


Mugwort%202 Lucid Dreaming Supplements

Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort or common wormwood) is one of several species in the genus Artemisia. This species is also occasionally known as Felon Herb, Chrysanthemum Weed, Wild Wormwood, Old uncle Henry, Sailor’s Tobacco, Naughty Man, Old Man or St. John’s Plant (not to be confused with St John’s wort).

It is native to temperate Europe, Asia, northern Africa and Alaska and is naturalized in North America, where some consider it an invasive weed. It is a very common plant growing on nitrogenous soils, like weedy and uncultivated areas, such as waste places and roadsides.

Stories about mugwort herb usage can be found in middle ages in Europe where mugwort was used for protection but also in witchcraft traditions. When we look at that from current perspective, it is clear that mugwort was used to induce lucid dreams and astral projections. It was also used in Asia, Korea and Japan, in rituals to ward off evil spirits and to induce divinatory states. Read more…

Calea Zacatechichi

calea%20zacatechichi%202 Lucid Dreaming Supplements

Calea Zacatechichi (Dream Herb/Leaf of God) is a plant used by the Chontal Indians of Mexico wich assert that this plant is capable of “clarifying the senses” causing euphoria and to obtain divinatory messages through dreaming. The Indians believed that this dream herb would give them divine dreams and allow them to see things that they would have not seen if they did not use the herb.

Calea Zacatechichi is a shrub measuring 1-1.5 m in height. The plant grows from Mexico to Costa Rica in dry savannas and canyons. The name of the species comes from Nahuatl “zacatechichi” which means “bitter grass’ and is the common name of the plant all over Mexico. It is also known with the Spanish names of “zacate de perro” (dog’s grass), “hoja madre” (mother’s leaf) “hoja de dies” (God’s leaf). Read more…


galantamine Lucid Dreaming Supplements

Galantamine is known as The Lucid Dreaming Pill but its original usage was and still is – Alzheimer disease treatment. In short, reason for Alzheimer’s is a reduction in producing neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. What Galantamine does is the inhibition of breakdown of acetylcholine. The effects are not cumulative, and cure only temporarily increases acetylcholine levels in the brain. That is the reason why Alzheimer’s disease is not curable but can be fairly treated in earlier phases.

Interesting fact for us is that acetylcholine is present in REM sleep and usual Galantamine dosage is basically doubling the amount of acetylcholine in the body. As a result, REM phases are longer and dreams are much more vivid. Read more…