How to have a dream you want to have: Introduction to Dream Control

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Have you ever asked yourself how to have a dream you want to have and is it actually possible? Have you ever dreamed what you wanted? If you are new in lucid dreaming than answering yes can be weird to you but those things are possible and pretty usual when you learn how to have lucid dreams. Technique to achieve state like that is called Dream Controlandit is inevitable to learn if you want to have dreams in which you can do whatever your imagination tells you to do. I will write more about it in my Lucid Dreaming Guide.

When I was a kid, maybe seven years old, having a dream I want to have was a normal thing to do and I believed that everyone can do that. But few years later, when that ability disappeared I became aware how extraordinary that really was and that people who do that regulary are rare. Although, it was extenuating to notice that everyone can learn to have dreams they want to have and that I can explain them how to. But first, as i mentioned, I’ve lost that ability as I was growing up. If I can remember well, when I was 12 or 13 I completely lost it. I felt sorry about that but didn’t bother too much,I had other things to do. Somehow around my 19th birthday I’ve had one crazy lucid dream that shook me pretty well and changed my life directing it towards researching meditation, lucid dreaming techniques, brainwaves, spirituality, etc… And, of course, I wanted it to repeat again. Every night before I went to sleep I repeated in my head: “Tonight I’m gonna be aware I’m dreaming…”, “Tonight I’m gonna be aware I’m dreaming…”. Nothing happened.

But as I was doing that for two or three weeks it crossed my mind that I was able to have lucid dreams when I was a child and that I could dream what I wanted to dream just by deciding so. Memories started appearing bringing back my thought process explaining to myself how I did it. The keys were will, concentration and discipline.
I’ve had a kind of problematic childhood in a bad neighbourhood and the only way to escape my surroundings was my dream world. I assume it started with one “fantastic” dream and then I hooked up on it, I wanted to repeat that experience every night. That is the first key – strong will that kept me wanting to have dreams I wanted to dream. Second key was the result of the first one, strong will resulted in strong concentration on that goal. And the third factor was my personal virtue at that time, strong discipline. Of course I didn’t managed to dream what i wanted every single night but that didn’t decrease my passion and will for doing so and I strived for couple of years and had lucid dreams.

I don’t want to induce wrong conclusions here, I don’t want to say that my ability to have dreams that I wanted to dream was pure result of child’s escapism and that it is the only way of becoming lucid in dreams. I did that while I was a kid and that is it, I forgot how to do it for some time but those experiences helped me when I grew up. I didn’t have to learn everything from the begining, I managed to bring back to life those memories and analize procceses of my consciousness. And I as a spiritual being and a believer am sure that every tough experience in life will result in ones prosperity in future. I guess this was one of my lessons and I hope can learn something out of it.

What can you do?

If you have strong will and concentration on having dreams you want to have and but you never really suceeded to do that, I recommend reading my Lucid Dreaming Guide. It will help you with basics of lucid dreaming and make you very close to dream what you want.

If you consider yourself a lucid dreamer but have problems to induce lucid dreams regulary or gain control in dreams, I recommend Brain Sync program that will help you relax more and induce lucid dreams much easier. It is based on sounds that stimulate your brain in such way that they bring it to the same state as it is while dreaming lucid. I use it too and it is a great piece of art, especially when you have induction problems and we all have situations like that mostly because of our daily life stress.  

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